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Nash Electric, LLC Green Lighting

Nash Electric is a leader in reducing your carbon footprint as well as your utility bills – you’ll save more than just energy.

You can receive rebate checks of up to $125 per light fixture! Nash Electric will handle all the paper work and a check will be sent directly to you.

We can install any green lighting alternative for businesses including warehouses, retail, hotel, grocery, office space and schools such as:
  • Florescent lights with electronic ballasts
  • High efficiency electronic ballasts
  • Low-wattage florescent lights
  • High-bay florescent fixtures with electronic ballasts
  • Hardwired or modular compact florescent fixtures
  • Automatic controls – occupancy sensors and photocells
  • LED lights
  • LED exit signs
  • Tankless Water Heaters
Top to Lower Your Lighting Costs, Earn Rebates and Lower Your Energy Consumption
  1. Lighting Efficiency Retrofit
  2. Efficient lighting for new construction
  3. Lighting Efficiency redesign studies
Nash Electric will walk you through the green alternatives so you can decide which is best for you. Call us for an onsite consultation at (763) 545-1943.

Nash Electric, LLC

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